Lake Tahoe's premier mold testing company provides years of experience to ultimately identify the extent of mold contamination and develop a work plan for appropriate mold removal and mold cleaning, also known as remediation. A baseline mold survey is generally conducted to determine if a mold problem is present and to map out a mold remediation plan if needed. After remediation is complete, verification or clearance sampling is performed to document the success of the remediation. A mold clearance report is issued when mold testing concludes that the mold remediation project was in fact successful in removing all mold damage identified in the suspect area of the building. A mold clearance report provides project closure and is important disclosure documentation for the sale of the property.


   Mold testing is recommended when a moisture problem occurs or is chronically present inside a residential or commercial building.  PEC's Mold Inspection Services:  

  • Real Estate & Property transactions  
  • Baseline mold surveys  
  • Remediation Monitoring  
  • Remediation work plans  

Mold inspections are conducted and/or signed off by a Certified Industrial  Hygienist (CIH), the most prestigious credentials in the industrial hygiene industry.  The credentials, experience separate us from our competition and provide our customers with a non-biased service.