Lake Tahoe's premier water intrusion inspection company provides years of experience to ultimately help identify the source of water and the extent.  As we know, if you have water, you have the potential for mold to grow.  Water intrusion inspections include utilizing some of the most sophisticated and advanced moisture detection equipment available.  Infrared or thermal cameras are often used to detect hidden moisture as it relates to thermal anomalies.  We also use penetrating and even radiofrequency technology to identify moisture resistance within common building materials such as drywall, wood framing, cabinetry, carpet, etc. It is also important to have vast construction knowledge when evaluating properties for water intrusion.  This knowledge assists with determining the source or construction defect allowing the water intrusion. 


   Mold water intrusion inspections are conducted and/or signed off by a  Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), one of the most prestigious credentials in the industrial hygiene industry.  If you have or think  you have a water leak, don't hesitate to call all us immediately, if you  wait, it might turn in to a mold project; 775.298.2679